If You Want To Get Rid of Mucus Means You Must Avoid These 4 Foods

If You Want To Get Rid of Mucus Means You Must Avoid These 4 Foods

Mucus can be either our friend or our foe. In any dictionary you can find that mucus is defined as a: “Viscous, slimy mixture of mucus, water, electrolytes, epithelial cells, and leukocytes that is secreted by glands lining the nasal, esophageal, and other body cavities.”

The mucus is also known as phlegm, and it is produced by your body from areas like your nose and intestines. Although it is a defense mechanism, still too much of it can make colds and allergies far worse, thus causing miserable and painful.

How to reduce mucus in the throat?

Thankfully, getting rid of mucus doesn’t have to be that hard. There are ways to ease the irritation by avoiding certain foods that can increase mucus buildup. When mucus goes from helpful to annoying. Like when fighting off a cold or allergies, these are the four top foods you will want to avoid:

  1. Dairy products

These foods top the list of offenders in the unwanted excess mucus category. While there are a lot of myths about this, what is known is that consumption of dairy products can make mucus thicker, which makes it more difficult to get rid of. Nevertheless, the Australasian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology discovered that dairy products. Like ice cream and yogurt, can actually thicken mucus for a person suffering from a head cold. A 2007 study published in the European Respiratory Journal demonstrated that participants who were regularly exposed to milk powder were significantly more likely to experience “nasal congestion, breathlessness, wheezing and reduced lung function, than participants who worked in an office environment.”

  1. Certain varieties of fruits and vegetables

We all know how healthy fruits and veggies are. They are a critical part of a healthy lifestyle and diet plan. On the other hand, the University of Maryland Medical Center, asserts that certain varieties may increase mucus production. The main triggers: bananas, potatoes, cabbage and corn.

So if you are battling with seasonal allergies, a sinus infection or a cold, you’ll want to avoid these for a while.

  1. Wheat

Wheat is a very common cause of respiratory symptoms, according to many nutritional experts. There are so many components in wheat it is difficult to determine exactly what part causes the increased mucus production. But it should be avoided when you wish to decrease the flow of mucous and congestion. According to Dr. Davis, “The more common observations among the wheat-free is the reduction in mucous production in sinuses and airways is among.”

  1. Beverages that lead to dehydration

This is probably one of the more challenging options because while getting rid of mucus would be ideal, that morning tea or coffee is hard to give up. But those beverages including soda, when consumed in large quantities, can increase the risk of dehydration. According to The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, becoming dehydrated can lead to thicker mucus. What they recommend is drinking water instead, to help your body keep mucus secretions thin and lubricated.  If you can avoid the above foods and beverages, you can give yourself an excellent head start in avoiding the excess buildup of mucus.