You Have Troubles With Sleeping & You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time? Find Out What It Means!

You Have Troubles With Sleeping & You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time? Find Out What It Means!

Human spiritual well being and physical health are directly connected. In recent times, traditional Chinese medicinal methods pay more attention to the patterns of energy placement and movement to different areas of the body at different times. They have discovered that within the 24 hour cycle our body devotes different energies to different organs.

In addition, if you wake up at the same times consistently, it could mean that the some of your energy is getting blocked or misdirected. Thus, this disrupts our natural balance and cycle. Many of these blockages should be viewed physically and emotionally. Remember to review what and when you’ve been eating, because these can be reasons for your symptoms.

From 9 pm To 11 pm

This is a time when most people try to fall asleep. During this time that our endocrine system rebalances and enzymes are replenished. Namely, the endocrine system manages hormones and metabolism. In case you have trouble falling asleep at this time, you could be stuck in a flight or fight mode. You need to repeat positive mantras, and release the formations causing you tension. Likewise, if you eat too late in the day this can cause blockages too.

11 pm To 1am

If you often wake up at this time it may be due to resentments you carry. Namely, this is the time in the 24 hour cycle that yin energy is turned into yang. Hence, yang energy is very active, and your body is supposed to be storing this energy for the next day. You should reinforce self love and appreciation, doing your best to stay calm and conserve energy.

From 1 am To 3 am

This is the most important and crucial time for the body’s detoxification and renewal process as well. Namely, waking during this time is normally indicates with anger, frustration and negative formations too. Hence, also your liver is breaking down toxins and releasing toxins, while making fresh blood. In case you are not addressing all these spiritual toxins, then your spiritual ‘liver’ is trying to call attention to these issues.

From 3 am To 5 am

During this time your lungs are under repair and flooding your body with oxygen. You have to make sure first that you are warm enough in order to help facilitate bodily functions. Nevertheless, if you often wake up during this time you need to try breath exercises. Likewise, lungs issues are often related to grief and sadness.

From 5 am To 7 am

If you release any toxins that are broken down earlier in the night then you are getting cleared out of the system. This is due to the large intestine which is active during this time. Therefore, you have to know that eating a poor diet or too late can lead to problems that will wake you at this time.