Want to Look Better? Check Out The Most Effective Belly Exercises Ever!

Want to Look Better? Check Out The Most Effective Belly Exercises Ever!

If you dream to be just a smaller version of your former fat self, then ‘cardio’ is your answer. Namely, if you have a goal to look better naked then resistance training is where it’s at. Nevertheless, in this article, you’ll find the best, tried and true exercises that never go out of style. It is very simple because you can do them anywhere and they don’t require that you to throw your money away on useless gadgets.

  • Squats And Pushups Increase Muscle Mass

There was a study made on 53 patients which evaluated the effects of resistance exercise on the metabolic constraints of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Hence, all these patients were assigned to either a group that performed pushups and squats 3 times per week for 12 weeks or a group that did not do any resistance exercise. Additionally, the effects of the exercise were compared between the 2 groups after 12 weeks. On one side, fat-free mass and muscle mass significantly increased in the exercise group. On the other side, insulin, iron, and fatty liver levels all significantly decreased in the exercise group. Therefore, these findings discovered that resistance exercises comprising of squats and pushups can help to improve characteristics of metabolic syndrome in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

All you have to do is to take a look below at these exercises that will tighten and tone your body like no ‘cardio’ exercise can to build shapely muscle and get your ‘sexy back’.. Are you ready??? Here we go….

Here are the top 10 exercises for weight loss

  1. The Push Up

With this exercise you’ll strengthen your triceps, tone your upper chest. However, did you also know that sexy arms start with beautifully sculpted shoulders? All hail the push-up! It can be done anywhere and modified to any fitness level and also will strengthen your core.

  1. The Pull Up

You can be assured of a strong and sexy back If you can do this powerhouse of an exercise. Although many people are unable to do this movement (at first), we have some alternatives for you here so that with a little practice you’ll be able to impress others with your pull up strength and your beautiful back.

  1. The Plank

If you want to forget sit-ups, crunches, and side bends, then the plank is where it’s at to strengthen the entire core. Namely, this is the muscle that will help prevent or reduce back pain once for all. That’s why a worthy goal is to be able to do a plank for one minute straight.

  1. The Spider Crawl

This exercise will light your core up while also increasing hip mobility. Hence, exercises that do double duty are the bomb.

  1. The Get Up

Want to achieve a flat and toned tummy while blasting other muscles? Then, you should get rid of flying bat wing triceps with this triceps move that will also engage your core like never before.

  1. The Burpee

This one move hits all your major muscle groups and also gets your heart pumping. Likewise, you’ll burn more belly fat by incorporating this simple move than doing hours of slow cardio on any cardio machine. What is more, it can be modified to any fitness level.

  1. The Skater

With this movement you will also get your heart pumping. You have to know that moving in a lateral plane is great for developing knee and ankle stability. In case impact is an issue, this move can easily be modified to get maximum calorie burn with jolting to your joints or minimum jumping.

  1. The Squat

You’d be really surprised at how challenging even bodyweight squats can be, and for an added challenge, you can add some weight with a barbell or dumb bells. Actually we do this movement every day when we hit the floor or sit in a chair. This is a basic functional movement that shapes your entire leg and butt. Hence, when your lower body is shapely, your body screams of athleticism and fitness.

  1. The Lunge

This exercise is about the butt! Namely, the lunge will tighten and tone the butt and hamstrings. In case   you experience any knee pain, you can easily swap out a lunge for the gluten bridge to target the butt and hamstrings.

  1. Jumping Rope

With this exercise you’ll be toning your arms and legs while you burn a ton of calories. But if you’re frustrated with your lack of skills, you can still benefit from the movement by doing a ‘phantom’ skip where you toss your rope to the side and just pretend to jump rope by going through the motions.