You Will Be Amazed by The Incredible Benefits of Avocado Seeds!

You Will Be Amazed by The Incredible Benefits of Avocado Seeds! Don’t Throw Them Away!!!

Many people are not aware that avocados can be beneficial and their seeds as well. This is true because avocado seeds are richer in antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables (more, even, than most healing teas). What is more, avocado seeds also have nourishing, antioxidant-rich oil that can lower high cholesterol and help prevent stroke and heart disease. Namely, the antioxidants known as phenolic compounds in avocado seeds make it useful for soothing gastric ulcers.

These compounds contain antibacterial and antiviral properties that make the seeds effective at preventing ulcers all along the lining of the digestive system. Likewise, eating avocado seeds is a great way to reduce inflammatory diseases in your body and can also ease swelling in the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, avocado seeds help relieve diarrhea and constipation naturally and successfully.

Check out the five most important reasons why you should eat avocado seeds:

1. Heals Digestive Issues: Comparing with other foods on our planet these anti-inflammatory seeds contain more soluble fibers. Hence, avocado seeds have been used in South America to treat gastrointestinal tract issues. Including gastric ulcers, constipation, and diarrhea for centuries.

2. Protects Heart Health: Additionally, avocados can be an excellent source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Namely, their amino acid and dietary fiber content can help lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular issues such as the formation of plaque, which can lead to strokes and heart attack.

3. You can Live Longer & Feel Better: Compounds in avocado seeds have the ability to reduce bone disease, joint discomfort, and aches and pains. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that cause illness and premature aging and avocados and their seeds. Actually slow down the aging process because of their ability to synthesize collagen. Furthermore, avocado seeds can lower blood glucose levels and help you maintain a healthy weight as well. Remember the seeds don’t just help you look younger; they help you feel younger too!!!

4. Kills Cancer Cells: The seeds contain flavonol, a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent and reduce tumor growth and 70% of the antioxidants in avocados are found in the seeds. According to 2013 study published in Pharmaceutical Biology, avocado extract from the flesh caused leukemia cells to self-destruct. Additionally, in a more recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Research. Researchers discovered that a compound found in avocado seed extract called avocation B was effective against acute myeloid leukemia cells. All in all, study researchers tested over 800 natural health products against the human acute myeloid leukemia cells.

5. Strengthens the Immune System: Avocado seeds contain procyanidins and catechin that have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce stiffness, swelling, joint pain and diseases. Flavonol in avocado also boosts the immune system and help protects from cold and flu successfully.

Try not to forget the next time you eat avocados, keep the seeds and wash them! Next, dry them with a paper towel and put them into a dehydrator or oven to bake it. You should heat the oven to 250 F (120 C) and bake the seeds for 2 hours, till the outer skin of the seed cracks. The seeds will now be soft enough that you can use a knife to cut it into smaller pieces.

Furthermore, throw them into your blender and blend them into powder form. Now you can use your avocado powder in different ways. You can sprinkle the powder into your smoothies, oat meals, soups juices, salads and in many different meals. You can also simply put half a teaspoon of the powder into a cup, pour hot water, and make a tea infusion. Then let steep for about 10 minutes.

Therefore, next time you eat avocados, remember to save the seeds!!!