Boil a Banana, Drink The Boiled Water Before Bed And See What Happens

Boil a Banana, Drink The Boiled Water Before Bed And See What Happens to Your Sleep!

Unfortunately many people worldwide have sleeping problems. Namely, the worst part is when you stare at the ceiling all night long, thing about different things and the next thing you remember is the sun coming out .Then of course you have to get up and go to school or work. However, there are many things that can affect your sleep. Many factors either internal or external can influence your hormones, brain and your nervous system. We all know that the easiest thing is to grab a sleeping pill and solve this problem.

However, this can only work in a short term and you are hindering your health and natural abilities too. Experts claim that these sleeping have side effects such as stomach pain, memory problems, constipation and can harm the central nervous system as well.

As we mentioned earlier, sleeping is important for everyone. Our body needs at least 8 hours sleep. If our body doesn’t get 8 hours of sleep it suffers and you will not be able to study, to think, to focus to work or do anything else.

Therefore, lack of sleep can be really bad for our health since sleep deprivation has been related to serious health problems such as diabetes, cancer and obesity. What is more, your energy also drops. On the contrary, when you will get a full night sleep you will feel better and function better too.

There is a simple trick which will help you sleep like a baby. All you have to do is a healthy and delicious banana cinnamon tea. Bananas are full with potassium and magnesium which are beneficial for relaxing the muscles and for the nervous system. You need magnesium to cope with stress too.

What is more, it also allows you to relax and fall asleep. When it comes to cinnamon, you should know that it is best if you want to balance blood sugar levels in your body .If they are balanced well, then your hormones can function in a way that allows for better sleeping.

For this tea you need the following ingredients:

  1. One organic banana (with peel)
  2. One small pot of water
  3. A sprinkle of cinnamon


First of all, you need to cut the ends of the banana. After that you should put the banana into a pot of bowling water. Leave the banana to boil for about 10 min. You should sprinkle some cinnamon into the water as well. For sweetening you can add some stevia too.

You can add more cinnamon if you want!  Enjoy !!!