These Things You Should Never Eat if you’re Trying to Lose Weight!!!

These Things You Should Never Eat if you’re Trying to Lose Weight!!!

We are all aware that losing weight is a very long and difficult process. However, you don’t have to make this process even harder on yourself by eating foods that counteract your goals. Hence, doctors and health experts actually advise us to not eat the low calories products because they’re quite detrimental to our health for many reasons.

Nevertheless, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should remove these six foods from your diet:

  1. Carb-only foods – For instance, bread, crackers or dry cereal are digested by the body and turned into simple sugars that can directly enter your blood stream. Note that your body then produces more insulin to absorb this sugar. Which only lowers your blood sugar level, leaving you hungry again.
  2. Frozen meals – Since they are packed with loads of sodium and calories in each bite not only is the food unhealthy, but the small portion size leaves you feeling hungry, even when you’re finished.
  3. Fiber snack bars – can provide an entire day’s worth of protein in one package. Consuming fiber in one sitting doesn’t provide the same health benefits as consuming it slowly. But regularly throughout the whole day.
  4. “Low fat” foods – that replace fat with sodium or sugar as a way of compensating for missing flavor. Namely, the addition is not only bad for your health, but “low fat” foods are generally over-consumed because people think these foods beneficial and good to be eaten in larger quantities because of its lower fat content.
  5. Juice – although tasty it does provide you with all the vitamins you would get from eating fruit. However, it successfully removes all the fiber and pulp that could also benefit your health while still giving you all the same calories.
  6. Artificially sweetened drinks – they don’t offer you any health benefits with their high sugar and calorie levels. It is recommended to drink water instead of artificially sweetened drinks.


You shouldn’t let this list intimidate you. Remember that you shouldn’t completely restrict yourself from enjoying your food – even when you’re trying to lose weight!!!