Do These 5 Simple Exercises for a Fit and Fabulous Body!

Do These 5 Simple Exercises for a Fit and Fabulous Body!

Remember that getting in shape doesn’t have to be a major chore. If you only sneak these easy get-fit ideas into your everyday life, you won’t even notice you’re doing anything. You can only lose your weight with a full body workout which can also help you in building muscle, boosting your metabolism and in burning the calories.

These are the 5 easy workouts you need to get in shape:

Workout Program.

1. JUMP SQUAT – You should simply place your hand behind your neck and jump in the air. Then gently land and move into a squat by bending your knees. You must hold 3-5 sec. ahead jumping into the next rep. (make 3 sets 15 reps).

2. JUMPING JACKS – You should stand up straight and place your feet next to one another. After that slightly bend your knees and jump and while you jump accomplish your hands up and over your head. (make 3 sets 20 reps).

3. DOWN DOG PLANK – First begin in plank position in placing your forearms and elbows with the floor and your feet extended behind you. Your toes must be planted with the ground. You should raise your hips up without moving forearms and elbows. You must hold for 3-5 sec. and return to plank.(make 3 sets 20 reps).

4. BUTT KICKER – This workout is like jogging in place. You should lift your right foot, and try to tap the right side of your butt. Do the same with your left side. (make 3 sets 20 reps).

5. TWISTED CRUNCH – Firstly, you should lay your back and bend your knees. Then, put your hand behind your neck and raise and twist your body pointing your right shoulder towards your left knee. (Make 3 sets 20 reps).


You cannot lose weight overnight. It takes time, hard work and patience. But if you follow the rules and work hard you can stay fit for life!