7-Day Muffin Top Challenge

7-Day Muffin Top Challenge

Tired of that muffin top? No worries, these 5 workouts will help you get rid of it in no time. When combined with a healthy diet, these exercises are very beneficial for people who struggle with abdominal fat. Therefore, if you want to prepare your ‘bikini body’, you should do everything in your power to shed that belly fat deposits. Let’s take a look at the exercises:

Muffin Top Challenge


You need to do 3 repetitions and rest 45 seconds in between sets

Reverse crunches

With the hands and lower back flat on the floor, do the movements slowly, one vertebra at a time. Inhale as you lift the hips off the mat and then breathe out slowly and go back to primary position.

Russian twists

With the back straightened, twist the torso from the ribs up only. Beginners should keep the heels on the floor whereas others should bring the legs up and cross them. Breathe out as you twist the torso.

Side jackknife

Lie on the left side of the mat with the legs straightened downward and the right leg onto the left. Put the left hand onto your abdomen and then put the right hand behind your head. Next, raise the right leg in the air and in the same time, raise the torso and bring the right elbow toward the right leg. Hold the position for a bit and then go to the primary one. Complete the set and then switch sides.

Side planks

With the elbows under the shoulders, maintain the core engaged and the abs tightened and breathe slowly. The body needs to be in a straight line from the head to the feet.

Bicycle crunches

Open the elbows and maintain the neck relaxed. As you crunch, exhale, and maintain the scapulae off the mat.

P.S. Don’t forget to drink A LOT of infused water to clear out toxins and speed up the weight loss process.

Good luck!