7 Day Challenge That Excludes all Junk Food

7 Day Challenge That Excludes all Junk Food

If you want to develop eating habits which are going to improve your health, you should follow our plan and you’ll manage to do that really quickly. Our challenge just requires you to be committed for a week and to follow the list with the food items, and be disciplined when something is forbidden.

There are a lot of benefits you can gain from this challenge, however, the most important ones are that you will lose weight, reduce health risks, change your bad eating habits and have plenty of energy.

7 Day No Junk Food Challenge

7 Day Challenge That Excludes all Junk Food Rules

  1. No Candy
  2. No Chocolate
  3. No Chips
  4. No Biscuits
  5. No Ice-cream
  6. No Fast Food
  7. No Cookies
  8. No Cake
  9. No Pastries
  10. No Muffins
  11. No Donuts
  12. No Sugar
  13. No Alcohol
  14. No Soda
  15. No White Bread
  16. No Store Bought Juice

Replacement foods

  1. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  2. Dried Fruit
  3. Filtered Water
  4. Baked/Grilled Organic Chicken
  5. Baked/Grilled Organic Meat
  6. Baked/Grilled Organic Fish
  7. 100 % Whole Grain
  8. Raw Nuts, Seeds, Beans

Tips and reminders

Be realistic, do not expect instant changes. The process of developing healthy habits takes a while, but it’s a long term deal.

You’ll still be able to enjoy food and not starve yourself, but you’ll be eating healthy food, instead of junk food.

The weight loss, overall well being and energy are just a plus from this 7 day food plan. Once you try it out you’ll be certain that you’re on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

Once the 7 day cycle is over and you feel much better, continue the plan for another 21 days.