113 Year-Old-Man’s Top Foods for Longevity

113 Year-Old-Man’s Top Foods for Longevity

Yes, you read right! The man we are going to talk to you about today is Bernardo LaPallo and is born in 1901. If you count the years – that is 113. This, of course, did not happen by luck but by devotedness and discipline. This man says that he does not know what illness means because he has never been sick in his life. He strictly avoids red meat and leans on organic foods and vegetables.

Maybe you will think that if he is this old it is impossible to lead a normal life. That is where you are wrong! LaPallo can still do quite a bit. For starters, he solves crosswords and reads books.


Today we share with you LaPallo’s top 5 foods that will help you live longer.


Garlic is a natural source for antiseptic and antibacterial proteins which have been proven to work. Its primary use around the world is in the kitchen, but also as a medicinal herb.


Every time you are in the need of a sweetener, LaPallo wants you to reach out for honey. You surely are already aware of all the wonders this natural sweetener can do.


LaPollo says that cinnamon is a very healthy food enhancer and that extracts from the bark of the cinnamon tree have been used as medicine in several places around the world. The cinnamon lowers your blood pressure and prevents onset of diabetes. Nowadays, you can find this enchanting powder in your market.


If you believe that this sweet brown pleasure is only for children or those with a sweet tooth, you are wrong. Our 115-year-old legend will tell you that chocolate is vital for living a long and happy life.

5.Olive Oil

Olives and its oils are quite famous in history because many wars started because of them. However, today they are present in any supermarket. Include olive oils in your everyday diet and after a few weeks you will see the results.