Drink Cucumber Water – It Will Keep Your Skin Young

Drink Cucumber Water – It Will Keep Your Skin Young

Cucumber, believe it or not, come from the same botanical family as squashes and melons and are one of the most cultivated vegetable in the world. They are extremely healthy regarding skin, liver, joints and kidneys.

Nutritional property of the cucumber

Silica is a mineral which is essential component for a healthy connective tissue and can be found in cucumbers. Another healthy liquids present in the cucumbers are magnesium, vitamin C, ionic potassium. Furthermore, cucumbers are rich in fluids that help the tissue to stay hydrated and prevent the loss of water.

Drinking cucumber water is really healthy for the skin. First of all, the ascorbic acid and caffeic acid which are present in the cucumber act to prevent water retention in the skin. This means that if you consume cucumber water daily, the swelling under your eyes will gradually disappear. Secondly, cucumber water helps heal sunburned areas, eczema, dehydrated skin, and any kind of skin inflammation.

How to make it:

First you need to thoroughly wash the cucumber to remove the dirt and bacteria. You can peel the skin off or if you wish you can leave it. Then you slice it lengthwise in half and with a spoon remove the soft middle part. Slice the two halves into small pieces and put them into a bowl or a bottle of water. If you want the cucumber pieces to stay in the water, put ice on top, otherwise they will float. It is best to consume the cucumber water within two days because it has no preservatives in it and over time the cucumbers might rot.