Easy Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Back pain nowadays is a quite common condition which does not choose among its victims. Thus, all people (youngsters, the elderly and middle-aged) no matter their age suffer from back pain. The pain caused by this condition can become severe during the years and it is caused by wrong posture, heavy weight, heredity, excessive physical activity or lack of physical activity.

The fast lifestyle and lack of time usually prevent us from taking care of our general health, including the back. That is the reason why today we decided to show you some easy ways to get rid of the back pain.

What you need to DO

  • Choosing the right mattress that matches your back is crucial. This will allow comfortable and healthy sleeping and you will wake up fresh and ready for the new day.
  • You should check the bed position and choose the correct level that suits your needs. Also, you need to check that there is no breakage between the springs of the mattress because if there is you may suffer a lot.
  • Another reason that can lead to back pain is the incorrect sleeping position, so you should also check on that and choose the right one for you.

What you should STOP doing

  • You should never stand up suddenly or get up from the bed in a hurry. Always stand up slowly and carefully. Stretching is also very helpful.
  • Another important thing is the right height of our car seat and the correctly fasten seat belt.
  • Also, you should never work at a stretch but give yourself short breaks.

The best home remedies for back pain

If you suffer from back pain you probably know that in order to reduce the pain you have to apply either heat or ice. Let us see and explain which is best at given situations.

For swelling and inflammation – ice works best. Applying cold pads is also the best way for lower back pain.

Heat is the wrong way to heal inflammation because it can perpetuate the cycle and can cause more harm. But, for injuries that hold on to your back for more than six months and arthritis, heat is the best remedy.

You should take measures for strengthening your bones (including your back bones) and one of the best ways is to drink a lot of milk. Milk is important because it will increase the calcium levels in your body.

Regular physical activity is vital, not only for back pain but also for the whole body. It will strengthen your muscles and bones and will reduce the stress levels. However, you should contact a doctor and a physiotherapist for the proper activities and exercises.

One of the most important things is of course the right posture. We all know that the long hours spent working in front of a computer, studying and sitting improperly cause severe back pain. You have to pay special attention to the posture!


Even though all the above mentioned home remedies for back pain are helpful for pain relief and can work, if you suffer from debilitating or excruciating pain in the back you must contact a doctor. The most common reasons for back pain are: slipped disc, herniated disc, nerve problems, lack of vitamin D, osteoarthritis and all these conditions must be treated by a specialist.