5 Ways How to Prevent Kidney Stones

5 Ways How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones cause extreme pain. It is quite difficult to explain to someone who has never had one but let us try. In order for the kidney stone to leave the body it has to pass through the urinary tract which causes unbearable pain. Furthermore, kidney stones can reappear in the body within seven years if one does not take any preventive measures.

The formation of kidney stones occurs when some chemicals reach the point of being concentrated enough in the urine to form crystals. These crystals can grow into stones which later pass through the urinary tract and if they get stuck during their path, they block the urine. This is extremely painful.

In most of the cases, kidney stones are formed when calcium combines with oxalate or phosphorous. But also from uric acid which is formed while the body metabolizes protein.

What we mean by saying how to prevent kidney stones is actually how to prevent the conditions that support their formation. This is not complicated but it takes determination and devotion.

Follow this five steps in preventing kidney stones.

1.Drinking plenty of water is a must

Water weakens the substances in the urine that can cause stones. Try drinking two liters of water a day which is equal to 8 glasses. You can also drink lemonade and fresh orange juice.

2.Fill yourself with the needed amount of calcium

Not getting enough calcium could lead to kidney stones and in order to prevent this you should take the needed amount of calcium for your age. The best way to take your dose of calcium is through food because many studies have linked the formation of stones to taking calcium supplements. Men who are 50 or older should take 1000mg of calcium in one day.

3.Reduce the amount of sodium

Sodium increases the amount of calcium in your urine so in order to prevent this, a low-sodium diet is suggested. You should limit your daily sodium intake to 2,300mg. However, if you had already suffered from a kidney stone try to lower the sodium to 1500mg per day which will also better your heart and blood pressure.

4.Lower the intake of animal protein

Red meat, poultry, eggs and seafood are foods that are filled with animal protein which increases the level of uric acid. You should limit the daily meat intake and come down to an amount which is roughly no bigger than a pack of playing cards. This amount is also healthy for your heat.

5.Do not eat foods which help the forming of kidney stones

Yes, there are such foods. Chocolate, spinach, tea, beets, rhubarb and most nuts have a rich amount of oxalate and also colas are rich in phosphate which leads to forming kidney stones. If your body is prone to kidney stones you really should stop consuming these foods or consume them in smaller amounts.

Many studies have come to the conclusion that men who usually take high doses of vitamin C but in the form of supplements are more prone to develop kidney stones. Mainly because the body converts vitamin C into oxalate. As for everybody else these foods and drinks cannot form kidney stones unless they are consumed in very high amounts.