13 Simple Ways That Prevent You From Getting Cancer

13 Simple Ways That Prevent You From Getting Cancer

Cancer is a very serious disease as it can result in death. Actually, the number of deaths caused by cancer in 2012 were 8.2 million. Experts claim that the number of people who have cancer will reach 70% in the future. Even though this is a very scary fact, in reality 1/3 types of cancer may be avoided.

To start the battle against cancer, we will give you the following pieces of advice which will help  you live a life without the threat of cancer:

1.Quit drinking sugary beverages

You probably  know that sugary beverages cause diabetes and obesity, but did you know that they can cause some types of cancer (including endometrial cancer), too? Sugary drinks multiply the risk of getting cancer up to 87%, primarily because they cause obesity.

2.Become more active

To avoid getting cancer, start standing more and sitting less. Sitting the entire day swells your chances of getting colon and endometrial cancer up to 24%. If watching TV is one of your hobbies, it’s high time you lessened it, because if you don’t the risk swells to 54%. You should take short walks for several minutes to decrease the risk of getting cancer.

3.Have a healthy weight

Obesity is not only unappealing, but also negatively affects your health. A healthy BMI ranges from 20 to 25.

4.Consume nutritious foods

Eating fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of colon cancer. In addition, you can include whole grains. These three foods have fiber which is important feature that prevents cancer.

5.Avoid consumption of red meat as much as you can

Even though red meat is delicious, it swells your rik of getting cancer. A better choice would be lean meats as they are delicious, as well. You can marinate the meat before grilling it.

6.Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption seems to cause throat and mouth cancers

You are not obliged to quit drinking altogether, but lesser alcohol intake lowers the risk of getting cancers.

7.Lower the sodium intake

Sodium can be fount in salty foods, such as: meat and bread. They can aid cancer to attack you. Moreover, be careful of hidden salt content in products.

8.Breastfeeding is beneficial not only for the baby, but also for the mother

Breastfeeding lowers the chances of getting cancer.

9.Avoid taking supplements

As a prevention against cancer you ought to eat food and stay away from supplements. Consult with your doctor if you believe that you should take some.

10.Vitamin D intake

The most beneficial source of vitamin D is the sun. Spend 15 minutes outdoors to fight cancer.

11.Quit smoking

It is a known fact that tobacco causes cancer. You better stop smoking if you want to avoid getting cancer.

12.Limit the light expose at night

Dark bedroom could decrease the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

13.Certain vaccines prevent cancer

Talk to local vaccination authorities to avoid getting cancer by getting vaccinated against HPV and other infections.

Cancers do not develop quickly. You can reduce your chances of getting a cancer if you eat healthy, become active, and introduce other lifestyle chances.