Two Magnificent Cold Water Detox Recipes for a Quick Weight Loss

Two Magnificent Cold Water Detox Recipes for a Quick Weight Loss

Water is undoubtedly one of the primary natural detoxifiers, due to the fact that it aids the body in the elimination of accumulated waste and toxins throughout the day. But is warm water the best solution with regard to detoxification? Perhaps, there are occasions when cold water will be a better alternative.

Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine stress the significance of temperature and the its impact on the body.  Apparently, there are certain occassions when cold water is more beneficial for the body than warm one.

One of the occasions when cold water is more appropriate is when you are water detoxing with the aim of losing weight. Research seems to suggest that cold water, in fact, enhances your metabolism and prompt our bodies to burn extra 70 calories on a daily basis. Moreover, other instances when  cold water is beneficial is when you are having a fever. The properties (cool temperature) of the cold water will cool your body down and allow you to stay hydrated.

Therefore, in order to enhance the curing and fat-burning features of cold water, try these cold water detox recipes:

Cucumber, Lemon, Orange and Mint Water

This recipe is the perfect killer of belly fat, bloating symptoms, and food cravings.  Be assured that this recipe will give results fast and effortlessly. Apart from that, cucumbers have many anti-inflamatory properties, which prevent water retention in the stomach. While the lemon purifies your digestive tract and the orange lowers your cholesterol levels. Finally, the mint, allows unobstucted digestion of food and relieves you from stomach cramps.

Process: Add three to five slices of cucumber, half a sliced lemon, one fourth of sliced orange, fresh mint leaves to 24 oz. of cold water. Consume this drink whenever you want during the day.

Lemon, Strawberry, Apple, Mint and Cinnamon Water

We present you this extraordinarily tasty, invigorating and sapid detox drink.  This miraculous mixture is very beneficial for the regulation of circulation, blood sugar levels, for a glowing skin, battles cancerogens, improves your digestion, relives you from stomach cramps and constipation.

Process: use one litre of water, one small sliced lemon, one sliced strawberry, half a sliced apple, 5-10 mint leaves, one fourth a tablespoon of cinnamon. This drink will help you stay hydrated the whole day.

Note: You can certainly refill the ingredients. However the thinner the fruits get, the less nutritious they become. For best results, throw away and replace fruits after 2-3 refills.