Natural Cures for Eye Irritation in 3 Ways

Natural Cures for Eye Irritation in 3 Ways

The signs of eye irritation include the following: watering or dry eyes; itchiness, burning sensation, or stinging; red eyes, the sensation of an object being stuck in your eye, a rust stain caused by a foreign metal object, achy eye, intolerance to light, and blurry vision. The aforementioned symptoms are caused by dust, smoke, or other irritants in the air, eye makeup, exhaustion, dry eye, or infection. Similar discomfort can occur as a result of a foreign object in the eye including: grit, sand, dust, or pieces of wood, plastic, paint, or metal.


Use the next remedies in order to create a greater comfort for your eyes. But perform them under conditions which are germ-free:

  • Combine one teaspoon of dried eyebright with two cups of boiling water. Allow the dried eyebright to soak for 30 minutes, then strain. Dip a clean washcloth in the mix and then put it on closed eyes for 10 minutes.
  • If you have dry eyes, add 1000 milligrams of flaxseed oil twice a day, in order to enhance production of tears and make your eyes less dry.
  • Apply one drop of chamomile essential oil to a single cup of warm water, dip two cotton balls in the mix, squeeze the liquid, and then place it over your closed eyes for 10 minutes.

Bellow are listed some of the actions you can take to prevent eye irritation:

  • Wear sunglasses when the weather is windy in order to defend them from particles in the air
  • Stay away from smoky areas
  • Change your makeup more frequently, otherwise it would accumulate bacteria
  • Spray house products and similar eye irritants at a safe distance from your face. Moreover, spay only in a fresh air area.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, mainly when you have been dealing with irritant substances.