4 Ways to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

4 Ways to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

An intake of food with  sufficient nutrients can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Develop the habit of eating fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables that are cruciferous. Change the skincare articles for the ones that are natural and organic. Avoid using underwire bras that prevent appropriate lymphatic drainage around the breasts. Aim to maintain a vitamin D level between 50-75. Attend timely screening appointments to detect the onset of the cancer.

October is regarded as the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is during this month that many people will decide to walk for a remedy. You can identify the women who have suffered from breast cancer or the ones that are currently battling with one. Moreover, you can encounter the one who wear pink t-shirts. They walk in the company of their family, friends, doctors and nurses – the ones that offered them support during the entire process.

The Awareness Walk

The awareness walk occurs annually in order to draw attention to the disease which creates fear in many women. Even though a considerable amount of money (millions of dollars) has been spent on breast cancer research, little has been done in the area of prevention. Also, what could be the reason for the increase in breast cancer every year?

What is the cause for breast cancer?

One could without doubt hypothesize certain theories and suspicions. One such hypothesis is our close contact with toxins in the environment that function as hormone disruptors. Moreover, the food chain including processed foods, chemical substances, additive, pesticides and GMO. In addition to this is the chronic stress which is present in many women’s lives. Finally, numerous chemicals found in skincare products and makeup are also suspected to contribute to breast cancer.

One of the aforementioned things or all of them, could increase the risk of developing not only breast cancer, but also other types of cancer and chronic diseases.

The question is what could be done to defend yourself and reduce the risk of developing breast cancer?

4 Ways to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eat foods enriched with organic and non-starchy cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, radishes, and arugula.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Skincare Products

Change your entire collection of skincare products with natural and organic articles. Manufacture your personal soaps, use extra-virgin coconut oil as a natural moisturizer. Buy products from companies that have put a ban on toxic substances from their articles for harmless, organic ingredients. Another option is to find the Environmental Working Group’s website which provide a list of safe products.

  1. Get rid of the Underwire Bras

Underwire bras can obstruct the lymphatic drainage around the breasts.

  1. Preserve sufficient amount of Vitamin D in the body

Make certain that the level of vitamin D in the body is favorable, as it can aid your immune system in fighting against harmful things.            It has also been suggested that women are more likely to win the battle against breast cancer if their vitamin D level is favorable. Aim for a vitamin D level which ranges from 50 to 75. In case your level is lower than the one suggested, you would have to take into consideration supplying your body with vitamin D3.

Despite the fact that these pieces of advice are simple to follow, they are very effectual. Additionally, there are other habits that you could practise including: exercise, low stress, sufficient sleep, and attending timely breast cancer screenings.

Having in mind that we all have met someone who has struggled with breast cancer, it is of crucial importance to be aware of the things you can do to lower the risk.